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Satire is a genre of literature that stretches back thousands of years, even to its Latin roots. The Oxford dictionary definition of satire describes it as “the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.” The heart and soul of Grand Theft Auto V’s satire lies in its in-game media system, with news stories, bulletins, social media sites and radio stations playing out a gritty and unforgiving portrayal of Western consumer culture.  (Click the picture to download)


In 2013, down a small street in Edinburgh, Rockstar North re-wrote the record books when it released Grand Theft Auto V. The game gained the titles of highest grossing video game of all time, fastest-selling video game of all time and most expensive video game of all time - titles that are still being backed by ever expanding figures. This essay critically analyses the marketing techniques used by Rockstar North in order to spread word of their extremely succesful game. (Click the picture to download)





Grand Theft Auto V Market Like a Rockstar: How to Make a Billion Dollars in Three Days
Grand Theft Auto V 
A Satirical Parody Of Western Culture 
Cosplay: Are You Serious?

Cosplay is performance art that takes place all over the world and has many devout followers. They seek to become their favourite TV, Game, Comic or Anime character, not just in body - but in soul as well. However, it is often reported by the media as a subversive culture that only deviants of society participate in. This report will seek to ground Cosplay in political and historical context, discussing topics such as subversion, transgression and comedy in society, using material from critics such as 

Mikhail Bakhtin, Umberto Eco and Henry Jenkins in order to give Cosplay a theoretical basis. (Click picture to download)


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